Is your hand hurting after excessive cell phone use? Here’s Why.

Smartphones are a daily necessity for most of us. This includes old adults, young children and even some older people. These gadgets help us to study, play games, share and like content, send emails, view videos, keep in touch with family members, and perform a number of other daily tasks. Some of us take meetings on our phones.

Take a step back and count how many times you use your phone each day. You’ve likely checked your email, social media, and the weather before you even had breakfast. After you’ve turned off your alarm, you’ll check to see if you missed any text messages while you were asleep.

Why does your hand hurt after using your phone?

Excessive use of smartphones can cause inflammation in the tendons that connect the wrist to the thumb. This can lead to wrist pain. You may also experience elbow pain if you always hold your phone with your arm bent. Overuse of a phone can lead to a ” triggered finger ” or ” trigger thumb”.

The majority of hand pains caused by smartphone usage do not require medical attention. You may want to see a hand specialist, however, if you experience constant side effects when using your smartphone. These include numbness or tingling. Repetitive Stress Injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis and Arthritis are all possible causes of incapacitating, irreversible conditions.

How can you reduce the pain?

Take a break from your smartphone: You must take a break. While you are taking a break, flexing your wrists, hand tendons and other muscles forward and backward will help keep your muscles flexible.

Apply a hot or cold compress: Apply a heated compress on the muscles and tendons surrounding your arm. It allows for more fluid movements. It may be better to use a cold compress for acute discomfort lasting for about a week. Heat can cause swelling and throbbing pain.

Massage Your Hands A hand massage can help relieve muscle spasms, and break up the ball-like muscular in your hands.

Think about your thumb. To prevent “texting thumb”, alternate using other fingers to type.

Use two hands when you use your phone or go hands-free whenever you can. Use two hands or hands-free whenever possible.

Try a few Hand Stretches during the day.


You can reduce the pain you feel in your hands after using your mobile phone by doing a number of things. If these things do not reduce the pain or if the pain interferes with your daily tasks, you should consult your doctor.

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