Diet Sodas: A Healthy Alternative?

Diet soda is often substituted by people who want to quit drinking soda. It’s a tempting lure. The same sweet bubbly drink is available with less calories. You can’t really be doing yourself any harm, right?

For years, the use of The Best Choice ?

  1. Diet soda may be linked to weight gain Studies show that artificial sweeteners and sugar are similar in how the brain responds. You will start to crave sugary snacks.
  2. Diet coke could confuse our system. Since our bodies react the same way to sweeteners and sugars, our insulin receptors may have difficulty discerning the difference.
  3. Diet Soda could change the way you taste sweets. Studies have shown that artificial sweeteners, when used long-term, can alter how your body responds to sweets and high-calorie food.

What health concerns accompany drinking diet soda?
Diet soda has many health risks. Continued use of diet soda can lead to weight gain. One diet soda per day can increase your risk for Alzheimer’s disease and stroke. Many studies have linked diet soda to diabetes and heart disease.

Diet sodas are not good for your health. Diet sodas are not nutritionally beneficial.

It can be difficult to navigate through all the different opinions on diet soda. You will be surprised to find that there are many alternatives available.

Lemonade, tea or a mixture of both are all options. Try sparkling water or Kombucha.

If you want to commit to a healthy lifestyle, then there are other options.

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