Matcha Tea Benefits

Matcha powder has many health benefits. It is not just a Japanese trend. It has many health benefits. Matcha is a superfood with a delicious flavor that you will remember every day.

Matcha Tea has all the benefits of green tea plus much more. It contains ten times as many antioxidants, is calming, and gives you a metabolic boost. Matcha contains less caffeine than black or coffee tea.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of matcha tea.

Matcha Tea May Reduce Cholesterol

Matcha can reduce cholesterol levels. Matcha helps to reduce LDL cholesterol by increasing HDL levels. According to 14 studies, green tea consumption significantly reduces LDL levels in the body.

Matcha Tea May Protect Your Liver

The liver is one of the most important organs within the body. It plays an essential role in our overall health and well-being. The liver is responsible for digesting nutrients and eliminating poisons. This is an important task. Matcha may also help protect your liver, according to some researchers.

In a study 500mg green tea extract was given to 80 non-alcoholics with fatty liver over a period of 90 days. As an alternative, some of the patients received a placebo. Comparing the group that took the green tea extract over the course of 12 weeks with the placebo group showed lower levels in liver enzymes.

Matcha Tea May Enhance Mental Performance

The high L-theanine content, amino acids and polyphenols in matcha tea can increase alpha wave activity in the brain. These alpha waves calm the mind, allowing you to concentrate your thoughts and focus easily.

Add this to the trace amounts of caffeine found in matcha and you have a combination which keeps you alert with no effort. Matcha’s alertness is not a frightful alertness, but a calm clarity that helps you stay connected to your purpose.

A study examining the combined effects of L’theanine with caffeine on mood and cognitive function found that participants had improved their speed, accuracy, and memory. When you want to be clear and focused, a cup of matcha will help.

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