Calf exercises to improve your running game

Some runners may not pay attention to their calves, assuming that they are getting enough exercise by simply walking each day. Your calves can be a great asset to your running technique and strength. They need to be treated with the same care as other parts of your body when you exercise.

When you run, your calves, Achilles, ankles and toes all work hard to lift and propel you forward. You will be unable to utilize the energy of your Achilles or the force in your hips if you do not have enough strength. This can lead to a weak, labored stride.

Calf Exercises for Runners

Calf Raise With Two Legs

Stand close to a solid wall and balance yourself. Spread your feet out hip-width and ensure that your ankles and knees are all vertical.

Step forward while applying pressure on the balls of your feet. Keep your abdominal muscles tight so you can travel straight up, instead of bending your body backwards or forwards.

Single Leg Calf Raise

Standing with one foot bent behind you and near a wall will help to balance. Make sure that the ankle, hip, and knee of the leg being worked on are vertical to protect your joints.

Press down with your ball of foot to lift your body up. Keep your abdominal muscles tight to prevent you from shifting forward or reverse.

Seated Calves Raise

Sit on a sturdy, firm chair and place your feet flat to the ground. Keep your legs straight from your knees down to your feet. Your knees should not flex or stretch.

Place your hands on the proximal part of your knee and push down to create resistance.

By pressing steadily on the balls of your foot, raise your heels to their highest possible height. Then, slowly tuck in your heels.

Strengthening Your Calves in Other Ways

physical activities can be used to strengthen your calves. Running is the obvious choice, especially when you’re running uphill. Sign up for a step-class at your local gym. You can also swim laps in the pool or play sports that involve running such as soccer or basketball.


You can build a strong foundation for running by paying attention to your calves. Talk to a trainer if you are a regular at the gym to find out what you can do in order to improve your calves’ strength.

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