How walking can help you lose weight

You feel unfit and want to shed a few pounds. You might start to lose weight by increasing your daily step total. Walking can improve your overall health and fitness while helping you reach a healthier weight.

Consider that you walk every day. To get fitter, you simply need to walk longer.

Walking Benefits

A 150-pound individual walking for 20 minutes will burn 80 calories. Weight affects the number of calories you burn because it takes more effort to move a larger mass. If you are lighter, your calorie count will be smaller. A few factors can influence your walking.

Terrain : Climbing hills increases the amount of effort you put in and your calorie expenditure. It is the same for those who are navigating uneven or rocky trails.

Temperature : When exercising at either extreme temperature, you will burn more calories. When it’s cold, your body has to work harder to keep warm. As you work to keep cool in hotter temperatures, calories are consumed.

Age: Your metabolism slows down as you age.

Gender: Often, men burn more calories than women.

How many steps should you take?

A conversation about walking usually begins with an ambitious goal: 10,000 steps or almost five miles. This number does not necessarily translate into a beneficial cardiovascular activity.

It’s simple. If you want to know if your walking is equivalent to exercising, consider how you walk. Slowly moving through the store may increase your step count but will not help you lose weight or improve your fitness. On the other hand, briskly walking around the block will

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