Enjoy More Fun with These Simple Tips

Playing can help us cope with stress and look at old problems from a different perspective. It makes our brains stronger. Researchers found that employees who played less were less tired, burnt out and more creative.

Playing with other people helps us build empathy and resolve conflicts. Laughter also improves our emotional Intelligence and speeds up the learning process. A large Norwegian study found that people who have a sense of humor tend to live eight years longer on average than those without.

How to Develop a Fun Mindset

You can also set your mind to have fun by being willing to be vulnerable.

Be prepared to laugh: It’s not necessary to make jokes or look for funny moments. Be ready to laugh. The easiest way to make yourself laugh is by laughing at yourself. Studies have shown that people who laugh most often may burn more calories and increase their immunity. They also find it easier relax.

Schedule Fun: It’s almost certain that you’ll laugh when you’re having a good time. It’s hard to remember to have fun with our hectic schedules. It may seem silly to include fun in your schedule, but you could miss out if you do not.

Play Games: No matter whether you’re playing video games, outdoor games or board games. Playing games allows you to think creatively and relax.

Health and Fun

High stress levels are known to cause the “fight-or-flight” hormone cortisol to be released. It’s difficult for the body to maintain mood, metabolism and immune response when hormones are not in balance. In 2016, scientists at Sahmyook University, Seoul, South Korea completed a research that revealed that our bodies release dopamine and other feel-good neurotransmitters when we are having fun.

It makes us feel good and encourages our cells to grow healthier. The balance of hormones is crucial for our immune system and ability to recover after physical exercise. Cell growth also helps kidneys, lungs and other organs to control the body’s functions. Some studies found that happy activities release serotonin which may help promote neurogenesis, or brain cell growth.


Having more fun will help you to feel better both mentally and physically. Smiling and laughing will help you to have more fun in your life. You’ll be happy you did!

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