Building a Weight Loss Support Network

According to a 2016 study, peer support makes it easier to follow a healthy eating and exercise plan.

What kind of help should you choose? In many cases, you can find support groups through your weight management program. Online support groups are also available. Below are some additional options.

Local peer support groups: Losing weight with friends is more effective than doing the same weight loss program alone. It is important to have people to talk to about the same problems as yourself.

Clinic Based Groups: You can also join small weight loss groups in medical or college facilities. These groups are often led by dietitians or psychologists in clinic settings. You will be given specialized help to establish a healthy lifestyle in the span of several weeks or even months.

Forums Online: Online forums allow for face-to-face interaction without the need to meet. Forums are a safe environment for users to seek inspiration, tell stories, or create diet and fitness plans.

Weight-Loss Apps: These apps can be very helpful. They can be used to track your exercise and calorie intake. They also offer assistance via chat rooms and social media links.

How to start your own support group

You can achieve your goals by taking the initiative if all else fails. can create your own support network in just a few simple steps. Some ideas to start your own support group include:

  • Start a small group of friends or family who share your goals. You can then work out together and make food plans.
  • Create a Meetup group or invite people to join Facebook in a post.
  • If you live in a city that offers weight loss programs, ask if they have support groups. Offer your services as a leader if there isn’t one.


You can achieve success in your weight-loss journey by joining a support group. You need to choose the right support group to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

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