What Houseplants are considered safe for your pets?

You love both your pets and your plants. It can be difficult to keep them apart, especially if your indoor gardening involves pets.

There are plants which are safe for pets. You can have the best of both. You should consult your veterinarian with any questions or concerns. Continue reading to learn what plants are safe for your cat or pet.

Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

Parlor Pals: The elegant look of these plants has made them popular since Victorian times. They can survive in less light but will still thrive. This pet-safe hand should be kept a bit damp.

Spider plants: This plant is great for hanging baskets because of its narrow, arched leaves. Pets can also get along with it. Spider plants can tolerate less light. Keep soil moist, but not soggy.

Peacock Plant Peacock plants have beautiful leaves that come in a variety of colors. They look great in any space. This plant is suitable for pets. It prefers bright to medium light, and soil that’s slightly damp.

Rosemary Rosemary can be grown in the garden and used in cooking. You can also keep it indoors. It needs a lot more light and you should let it air dry between waterings. It’s not the easiest herb to grow so be patient.

Button Fern The leaves on this cute fern appear to be made of clouds. The button fern is safe for pets and doesn’t require much care. Give it bright indirect light and water it every two weeks.

African Violets: African violets can bloom year-round when grown correctly. These plants are safe for your pets. Give them bright indirect light and water from the bottom. African Violets can be tamed by not getting the leaves wet.

Tips for a Safer Internet

Keep your plants out of reach of your pets and dogs to ensure their safety. It’s easier to do this with dogs because cats can climb. You should also make sure that any feed for plants you use, is safe. Consult your vet before bringing any plants into the house or if you are concerned.

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