Sleep Positions: Dangers and benefits of each.

Did you know that how you sleep can affect your health and wellbeing? Most of us may not have made a conscious choice about our preferred sleeping position. Imagine a time when you couldn’t achieve your preferred position. Has it affected your sleep?

What happens, for example, if a person sleeps on their side and uses a body pillow. Sleeping is a problem for you? The position in which you sleep can be associated with positive or negative health effects, and also how you function on a daily basis. This article will explain the benefits and dangers of different sleep positions.

Side sleepersSpeaking about the body pillow, some studies have shown that side-sleeping can reduce snoring, and improve digestion. However, this is only true if you are sleeping on your left. The right side of your body can increase the incidence of acid reflux.


Side sleeping on either side can reduce back pain and improve spinal alignment. Bring out your body pillow and place it between your legs for better low back and hip support. Some people use their body pillow to support their arms.

Stomach Sleepers
It’s generally not a great idea to sleep on the stomach, as it can exacerbate neck and back issues. You’ll feel stiff throughout the day if you keep turning your head the same way.

If you have tried several positions but are unable to find the one that is most comfortable, you may want to consider sleeping on your stomach. Try to change your head’s orientation from time-to-time instead of looking constantly left or right.

You can avoid neck discomfort by choosing a thin, flat pillow (or by avoiding the cushion entirely). Placing a pillow under your pelvis can reduce back stiffness.

Back Sleepers
Our parents would place us on our backs as babies to help us sleep better and protect us at night. Sleeping on our backs can be harmful as we age. Back-sleepers can experience neck and back pain. Sleeping on your back can make it harder to breathe for those with apnea. Some back sleepers claim that their back pain is reduced in this position.

You would assume that sleeping on your stomach puts no strain on any part of your body. Consider placing a smaller cushion beneath your knees if your back pain increases in this position. This will maintain a slight curve in your spine
Many people may sleep better.

Back sleeping can also prevent facial wrinkles, as your face is not pressed against your pillow every night.

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