Why Should you grow your own food?

Is it worth it to spend time and money on your own food when it is so convenient and easy to buy it at the supermarket? You may find it difficult to grow your own food if you have a limited amount of space, live in an adverse environment, work full-time, and have family obligations. Consider the benefits of growing your own food.

Saving Money by Growing Your Own Food

Since January 2021 the price of groceries has increased by more than 7%. In January 2022, the cost of fruits and vegetables increased by 0.9% due to inflation. It is possible to save money by growing your own food, but it’s not clear how much. What you plant will determine your return (and success in the long term). You can save money by knowing what to plant.


Which crops are worth it? Begin with the market price. The most expensive organic items depend on the season, the location and the environmental conditions such as drought or disease.

  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce and Chard, Cabbage and Lettuce
  • Zucchini & Summer Squash
  • Beans: Maximize your space with a trellis
  • Bell Peppers

Growing your own food may reduce waste

Many delicious and edible vegetable pieces are never sold because they do not survive the transit without looking ragged. Many people will not pick up pieces that are raggedy, even though they can be eaten.

Commercial Produce May lack Nutrition

Today’s vegetables have less vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients despite technological advancements and sophisticated farming methods. According to research since the 1940s fruits and vegetables lost 40% of their nutritional value.

Experts in agriculture blame two factors for these problems.

Degrading environment: Modern agricultural practices such as irrigation, fertilizer, and fertiliser tend to reduce the concentration of plant minerals. While farmers may get higher yields at lower prices, the food quality will suffer.

Genetic dilution effect: It could be because scientists are focusing more on high-yielding crops than ensuring they contain a variety of nutrients.

The majority of food sold today is produced by hybrid plants. These plants were bred for “desirable traits” like resistance to pests and disease, similarity in appearance, and high yields within a short period of time. Food can look great, but its nutritional value may suffer.


You can benefit from growing food yourself if you take into consideration the information provided above. It’s worth it for some people if they have a big family or consume a lot. You should consider all factors, as there are also setup costs involved in growing your own food.

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