Is Cow’s Milk a Healthy Choice?

Even though milk contains nutrients such as vitamin D, calcium, and protein, most adults get these vitamins in other foods and do not need to drink it. Many adults drink milk because they like it.

Experts advise adults to stick with the lower-fat varieties of cow’s milk and save the higher-fat ones for children.

How much calcium is in milk?

Calcium content in different milks varies. Skim milk contains 299 milligrams per 8-ounce cup compared to 276 milligrams in whole milk. Almond milk contains almost as much calcium as unfortified, unsweetened soy milk. The majority of plant-based milks are calcium-fortified, and contain 25% to 50% the recommended amount of calcium for adults. However, plant-based milk may not be as good for you as cow’s milk. They can, for example, have added sugars.

As we age, we need more Vitamin D. Our need for milk will fluctuate over time, depending on how we eat and our age.

Cow’s Milk Benefits

  • Cow’s milk has many benefits, besides the nutrients. It is believed that milk can help you control your appetite. study from 2013 showed that drinking dairy products not only made participants feel more full, but also helped them eat less fat. Dairy consumption may help to prevent weight gain and lower weight.
  • It is important to consume milk for bone density when we are young, but it is even more so as we age. Milk not only strengthens our bones, but also our teeth and muscle.
  • A study found that milk may help to prevent type II diabetes by balancing blood sugar.
  • Milk may also benefit our heart. It can help balance blood sugar levels and build a solid framework. Milk fat may help increase HDL (good cholesterol). Healthy HDL levels can protect against stroke and heart problems.
  • The milk is also a good potassium source. This mineral helps to control blood pressure. The milk from cows that are raised on pastures and grass is richer in omega-3 fatty acid conjugated linoleic acids. These fats help maintain blood vessels and heart function.


You can see that while adults may get some nutrients from milk in other parts of their diet, cow’s milk also has many other benefits that make it an excellent choice for your daily routine. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns regarding your milk regimen.

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