What diseases are they spreading in America?

There are approximately 200 species of mosquitoes in the United States. About 12 species can transmit diseases that could harm humans. Some mosquitoes, such as nuisance mosquitoes, are labeled so because they bother people. In general, annoying mosquitoes don’t transmit disease. It is important to protect yourself because it can be difficult to determine which mosquitoes may carry infectious diseases. In the United States, the West Nile Virus is one of the most prevalent.

What Is West Nile Virus It is possible that you will not experience symptoms if bitten by a virus-carrying mosquito. Some patients may experience a fever or joint pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, or a rash. Meningitis and encephalitis are both brain infections. There is no vaccine for the disease that affects all 50 states except Alaska and Hawaii.

Other Diseases
The La Crosse Virus can be transmitted to humans by a mosquito bite. Most virus-infected people do not show any symptoms. Some people may develop serious diseases like encephalitis. Severe disease is most common in children under 16 years old. Majority of cases are in upper Midwestern, mid Atlantic, and southern states.

Jamestown Canyon Virus Infection affects many people, even if they show no symptoms.
It can take between a couple of days to two weeks for a person with symptoms after a mosquito bite. Early signs include fatigue, fever, and headache. Some people experience respiratory symptoms such as a sore throat, a runny or coughing nose. The Jamestown Canyon virus is capable of causing severe illnesses such as encephalitis and meningitis.

How can you protect yourself?
Avoid places that are overgrown outdoors or where the ground is always moist. Avoid mosquito-prone areas in the morning and at night when mosquitoes are active. You can also use insect repellent to protect yourself.

Use an insect repellent containing DEET, picaridin, permethrin or oil of lemon eucalyptus. The effectiveness of different ingredients varies, so choose the right ingredient for you and your activity. Check to make sure you don’t react to the formula.

Put on long pants, socks, shoes and a shirt with long sleeves to prevent mosquito bites. This may not be possible during the heat and humidity of summer. If this is the case, you should continue to use repellent while outside. It is recommended that you wear light-colored clothing rather than dark. Also, eliminate standing water in the area if at all possible.

Preventing diseases spread by mosquitoes is essential. After being bitten, you may experience a mild or transient illness or (rarely), a serious or long-term disease. Mosquito-borne diseases can cause death in severe cases. It is important to protect yourself and those you love.

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