How to Increase Productivity

Find that your days often become out of control? You begin each day with a plan to accomplish so many things, but you soon find yourself distracted, focusing only on low priority tasks and putting off other important things. How can you regain control of your time and get things done?

It’s a myth that one approach fits all. To improve your productivity, you need to know which side of the productivity spectrum you fall on. Do you multi-task or procrastinate?

How to Increase Productivity If You Are a Multitasker

Even the most gifted of us have a limited cognitive bandwidth. This is the amount of tasks, thoughts and memories that we can concentrate on at a time. You may convince yourself that your brain can do more, but it is actually working harder to keep track of all the thoughts you have at one time.

Multitasking can lead to more errors, and more mistakes take time to fix. When you open multiple tabs, your creativity is severely limited. Take the steps below if this is you.

  • Slow down, and do each task one by one.
  • Remove distractions by using only one monitor.
  • Working in intervals will help you to stay on track.
  • If you feel that your concentration is slipping, get up and walk around.

How to Increase Productivity If You Are a Procrastinator

accountability buddy is the best way to keep a procrastinator motivated. It’s someone who checks in regularly to ensure that things are moving forward and not being pushed to the side.

Create a list of things to do, but don’t focus too much on the final product. Many procrastinators prefer to make a list than check things off. Keep your list short and simple. You should only put up to four or five items on your list at once, otherwise it will seem lofty and you’ll want to get on with it. Give yourself no more than 10 minutes to make your list. It will keep you focused.


You might be reading this article and think you are a mixture of both. You might be neither. These tips will help most people increase their productivity. You’ll feel less stressed, and have more freedom if you become more productive.

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