Quiet Quitting – What does it mean?

Social media exploded with the art of quiet quitting. What does it mean? Is it a new concept? Quiet quitting is essentially putting yourself ahead of your job. The days of stressing about every little thing and working late are over. Quitting signifies that you are no longer working beyond your contracted hours. You are only working the hours that you have been paid for.

Is this concept new?

Although the concept is not new, its name is. In the past two years, many employees have taken stock of their lives and re-evaluated them in light of the changing workforce. Many employees have chosen to switch fields or work remotely as a result of this evaluation. After some reflection, we realized that many of us knew what to do. While we are at work, our lives pass us by.

More people are leaving their work when they have finished it, and not thinking about it until the next day.

Quietly Quitting Could Be Beneficial to Your Health

Stress will decrease as we begin to put more emphasis on our own mental and physical well-being. You can arrive home earlier, prepare a healthy dinner for you and your family and avoid leaving late. After you finish, you can spend time with your family and take a stroll around the neighborhood.

You can also get more sleep by tackling your list of things to do earlier.

Quiet quitting and burnout

World Health Organization officially recognizes burnout as an occupational condition that makes people feel empty, tired and cynical. They also become emotionally detached from their job, which can lead to a decrease in productivity. Burnout can be a serious risk associated with working too hard. It can affect your mental, physical and emotional health.

Burnout can be costly for the individual and their employer. Burnout can cause people to take time off or work less. Quitting quietly may help you achieve a balance between your work and personal life.


As you can see, the term quiet quitting can be beneficial for all parties.

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