How to fall asleep fast?

Are you able fall asleep quickly if you go to bed late knowing that you have to wake up early the next day or sneak in a nap? Some of us can answer yes. We’re all left wondering how to get the rest of us to sleep. You might find some helpful tips on how to quickly fall asleep. Learn how to do it by reading on.

A Military Method for Falling Asleep Quickly

The method emphasizes mental imagery, deep breathing and muscle relaxation. Here’s a quick sleeping technique that the military uses.

  • Sit on your bed.
  • While taking slow, deep breathes, tighten your muscles starting with your facial muscles and then relax.
  • Continue to do this all the way down your body, until you feel at ease.
  • Imagine a calm scene such as lying down on a boat in a lake, or gently moving back and forth while in a dark room.

If this doesn’t help, repeat to yourself “don’t worry” for 10 seconds. Then start over. If you are having trouble clearing your head, don’t give in. With practice, it gets easier. Over time, you should be able to fall asleep quicker and faster using this method.

4-7-8 Method

You can use the 4-7-8 method to help you fall asleep faster by focusing on counting. How to fall asleep faster using the 4-7-8 method.

  • When you lie in bed, relax your tongue by placing it on the roof your mouth.
  • As you exhale, make sure that your breath is completely empty.
  • Inhale four seconds by inhaling through the nose.
  • Hold your breath at the top for seven seconds.
  • Spend eight seconds exhaling.
  • Do it at least four more times.

The 4-7-8 system is based on the traditional yoga technique pranayama. According research pranayama reduces anxiety and can lull a person into a calm state, which helps them fall asleep faster.

Reverse Psychology

Trying to Stay Awake can be a tactic which could send you to bed quickly. Even though an all-nighter might not be ideal, worrying about sleep will not help you fall asleep. Contrary to popular opinion, staying awake will actually make you less anxious when trying to fall asleep. Try not to use your phone or bright lights when you are trying this. Instead, attempt:

  • Water consumption is important.
  • Ambient illumination is useful when reading a book.
  • Challenge yourself to be aware of your surroundings.

You can give your brain a break by focusing on something else. This will allow you to stop counting sheep, which is an automatic process.

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