Ideas For High-Protein Portable Snacks

It’s easy to grab a quick meal at the nearest drive-thru when you’re in a hurry. This is not always a healthy option. It’s important to have some snacks on hand if you want to maintain a healthy eating plan.

Protein requires more energy for digestion than simple carbohydrates and makes you feel satisfied. High-protein snacks are the perfect thing to take with you when spending the day out of the house.

Portable Snacks To Try

Jerky:Jerky is made of beef, turkey, salmon, or chicken. It is available in most grocery stores, but be aware that the store-bought version usually contains a lot more sugar and artificial ingredients. You might want to consider making your own.

trail mix: trail mix is a mixture of nuts and dried fruits that may also contain chocolate. It contains 8 grams of proteins per 2-ounce portion, making it a great source of protein.

You can make your trail mix more protein-rich by adding almonds or pistachios.

Yogurt and Veggies: Although vegetables are great for snacks, they do not contain much protein. If you dip them in yogurt, they will provide more protein.

Most often, yogurt dips are made by mixing yogurt and herbs, such as dill, with flavors and other ingredients, as shown in this recipe. Greek Yogurt has twice the amount of protein than regular yogurt.

Snacking Made Fun

Add some fun to your high-protein snack planning. Put your snacks into a bentobox instead of plastic bags or simple lunch boxes. Even mini cutters can be used to cut fruit and vegetables into fun shapes. It’s great for kids who prefer to eat at a fast food restaurant. But it’s fun for adults too.

It’s also a good idea to let your children help with the packing and planning, as it will teach them about nutrition and portions. It is amazing how much creativity goes into bento boxes.

Don’t forget to drink

When you are out and about, water is the best option for a healthy drink. If you want to add a little extra flavor, try adding fruit to your water. It may be difficult to give up the drive-thru, but it will be worth it in the end!

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