How to manage chronic conditions as a senior citizen

Six in ten seniors suffer from three or more chronic conditions . Eighty percent have at least two. Even though these statistics are true, older adults can still improve their quality of life and health by reducing their chances of contracting new diseases and controlling the symptoms of their medical conditions.

Senior citizens are often faced with chronic illnesses, as well as other problems such a falls, inactivity, dental issues, mental health, and mental health. All of these can negatively impact their quality of life. To ensure that older people receive the care they require, it’s crucial to concentrate on them. This can be made easier by understanding some of the conditions that older people deal with.


More than half of people aged 65 and older suffer from hypertension. It is often called the “silent killer” because it damages blood vessel walls and increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. If you suffer from hypertension, it is important to keep a healthy body weight and take medication regularly. It is also important to increase your physical activity and reduce stress.


Another chronic condition that many seniors suffer from is arthritis. It can be devastating as it is difficult to walk, open jars and write. You can delay the Alzheimer’s Disease can be described as a type of dementia. The brain can be damaged by Alzheimer’s disease, multiple small strokes or trauma. Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias can cause memory loss, difficulty thinking and solving problems. These symptoms interfere with everyday life. Keep active both mentally and physically to reduce your risk. Also, you should ensure that you are getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet.


Senior citizens can suffer from a number of chronic diseases. Maintaining regular appointments with your doctor is important throughout your lifetime, not only as you get older. You may reduce your long-term risk of developing these conditions by keeping regular appointments with your doctor.

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